Promise to myself.

Maaaan, I've done a horrible job of updating the site. 

New promise. I'm posting something new here minimum once a week. It's my new diary. I wanted to make quality content but my expectations of myself were stupid high, comparing myself to all my favourite youtube channels that I just froze up. Now I'll just use it to write down what I did this day. 



So the topic of how to suck the water up into the pump comes up pretty often. 

My idea for floor based or Italian style showers (is there another name?) is to put a thingy like this into the hole where the drain grate thingamagigy is. Using your feet your can slide the inner cylinder sideways to open the drain when you want to have a 'regular shower' or to let the water drain out on it's own. Then when it's closed the water will start to flood in the drain, except that the pump will suck up the water before it actually does so. 

Making the model brought up some thoughts though on how to perfect it: There should be a pre filter type material (like a washable, replaceable sponge) inside the cavity to collect hair and stuff, a lid with grates would also be good. The slider should be toe friendly, big and smooth so you can't stub your toes on it. There should also be an overflow thing as well so that one can't accidentally flood the entire bathroom by accidentally leaving it closed when running the tap. Funny story: the student housing company in Helsinki had to start installing duel shower drains because students were passing out on top of the drain while taking a shower causing the aforementioned flooding. What else am I forgetting? I suppose if we wanted to be overly techie we could embed a temperature sensor and water level sensor to activate the pump and collect some data (5V is safe enough).  

Till next time.