Showerloop at the Design museum

Showerloop at the Design museum

Low poly showerstall for the Design Museum. Enter & Encounter Exhibit

At the start of the year, we were asked to bring a demo of Showerloop to an art/design/futurism exhibit. We also designed a wooden shower stall to accompany the showerloop system. The shower stall was made with blender, Explision, Meshlab, a lasercutter, circle saw, router, dremel, drill, clamps, hammer, crowbar, screwdriver, nuts, sticks, planks and bits, interior wax, lights, music and action. 

The electronics board PCBBasic2.0

For the last couple of months we have gotten back to circuit boards and looking at completing the project we started a long time ago. Making the shower smart and easily controllable like one would expect from modern consumer products. There's been a lot to learn considering all we could do a few years ago was wire up a light bulb, and even then we would need to check what the difference was with the brown wire (live/positive) and the blue wire (ground/neutral). 

Climate KIC Alumni Association Local Rep Meeting Feb 2017

Representing the Helsinki-Uusimaa region for the CKAA, my brother and I got the opportunity to network with amazing people in a beautiful city, or is it beautiful people in an amazing city? Good fun either way.

Something, something, portfolio?

Not stopping the work on Showerloop any time soon but for various reasons sent in an application to study Creative Sustainability in Aalto University. Mostly because it sounds like my thing and I really want to get 50% off on my bus tickets. While it's certainly not my best work I managed to start putting together some content from the last 1-2 years of work and while I hope to do a more thorough job in the weeks to come, I think it's a rather good start.

Let me know what you think. 


Yay, I've been asked to help get Showerloop into a book on Social Design :) :) :)

When someone says they like to publish your tech in a book my first thought it YAY, my second thought it, daim, that's a lot of questions. Just in case it doesn't work out and they don't add Showerloop to their book I figure I should just share my thoughts with everyone. Mind you I've only slept for a bit of five hours and might close my eyes for a bit as I type this... forgive me if I make no sense.

2016 World Water Day

This entire week the Showerloop team will be running our Empower Your Shower campaign. Nothing fancy, we are simply following the principles of this years World Water Day theme, Water and Jobs.

Our goal from day one was to design a product that works well and share that design with others around the world. We hope that our design can one be the spark that will grow to a viable business and help others start their own Showerloop story. Remember people it all starts with a wrench, if you build it they will come.

Check out more about Water Day 2016 here