Showerloop can be be integrated into existing showers 

Water can be diverted to a storage/ grey water tank

Fully 12 V DC off-grid system is possible




23 cm x 23 cm x 200 cm*

25 kg

( + 10 kg packaging ) 



Made in Finland - for the most part. We've been doing our best to source materials as locally as possible. Sadly it's harder and harder to  producers here in Finland or if we can it's just too expensive for us until we can produce more component inhouse


The main components of the filter  are, however, made here in Finland  with the help of  tools and expertise from Aalto Fablab in Helsinki, Varia vocational school & Turbiini in Vantaa.






  • 12 V DC self-priming membrane

The pump can be placed almost anywhere and can run dry, pumps up to 3.3 bar.


Piping & Valves

  • 21 mm transparent hose
  • Brass T's, 90 bends and quick connectors
  • Plastic quick connectors for maintenance


  • 10mm CNC milled lids
  • 200mm transparent acrylic tube
  • 3 mm laser cut spacers 
  • M8 stainless steel metal rods
  • M8 nuts and bolts 


  • Nilsilän Quartz Sand
  • Activated Carbon
  • Geotextile


Heater & Thermostat

NPT Temperature probe and Thermostat

2-3 kW resistive heater

Solid State Optocouple


240V AC [26W]

[ 7 cm diam. x 55 ]

Switch board & power housing

IP67 Waterproof containers for electrical devices

8- channel relay module

Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor

Fuses 10 A, 2A, 0.5A

12V DC Motor Controller PWM

230V AC - 12V DC Transformer [150W]


* Smart Shower & Sensors

in the future